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Filing an Appeal

How Do I File a Standard Internal Appeal?

You, or your Authorized Appeal Representative, can file a standard Internal Appeal for all non Behavioral Health Internal Appeals by phone, by calling Member Services or you can file a standard Internal Appeal in writing, by faxing it to 1-855-565-7657, or you can mail it to the address below. If you or your Authorized Appeal Representative wants to submit a standard Internal Appeal in person please visit us at the address listed below.

CeltiCare Health
Grievance and Appeal Coordinator - CarePlus
200 West Street, Suite 250
Waltham, MA 02451

We handle oral requests for an Appeal as a standard Internal Appeal in order to give you the earliest possible filing date for the standard Internal Appeal. You may be asked to complete a written signed request. If you don’t send us this written documentation, we may dismiss your standard Internal Appeal.